Top 4 Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware

When Cryptocurrency came into being, miners first started with their CPU to mine, but they didn’t find it to be as fast as they want. It slows down the other systems components and resources of the computer. Miners then decided to use the Graphical Processing Unit to mine cryptocurrencies. They loved it because they were able to hash data from to 50 to 100 times more efficient and fast. Another benefit of using GPU was, it consumed much less power.

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware is based on the FPGA which stands for Field-Programmable Gate Array Processors. FPGA proved to be hundred times extra fast and less power consumed than CPUs and GPUs.

the ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit. It completely takes over the other hardware models and ranks among the top of the list. The machine named as ASIC Mining Hardware used to mine at high speed by consuming less power compared to GPU and FPGA Mining Hardware.

Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware Model

If we talk about Bitcoin Mining, it surely comes into mind that how it works? What kind of things are required to mine cryptocurrency? Basically, there are many hardware models in today’s world that help miners to mine cryptocurrency efficiently.

There are following top 5 Mining Models that miners are using currently to develop an authentic sense of cryptocurrency.

  • ASICminer Zeon 160K
    Coming ASIC Mining Hardware manufacturer ASICminer the Zeon 160K and will be launched in September 2018. Zeon 160K will be manufactured using Equihash algorithm. It will contain the following specifications:
  • Noise Level: 47db
  • Power: 2200W
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Temperature: 10-45 C
  • Whatsminer DCR
    the Whatsminer DCR is going to launch in the month of November 2018 with the maximum hash rate of about 44Th/s for a consumption power of about 2200W. The manufacturers are Pangolin that is using the algorithm of Blake256R14.
  • A9 ZMaster
    the A9 ZMaster manufactured by the Innosilicon mining hardware that is supposed to use Equihash Algorithm with a hash rate of 50ksol/s to consume a power of 620W.
  • Bitmain Antminer Z9
    this product is also using the Equihash Algorithm to maintain a hash rate of 40.7ksol/s to consume a power of 1150W. It will release in September 2018. It has a weight of 5500g.

All these miner models have the largest amount of profitability as compared to other low rated miner models.