A Cryptocurrency Overview

We all know that the technology is advancing as we speak. New innovations are being done that are changing the way we think and carry out our everyday activities. Cryptocurrency is one of the major revolutions that we have made in the past decade. The technology has changed the way we think about money. You can say that Cryptocurrency is digital money that you can spend, send or invest in major organizations around the globe. Bitcoin Technology is just one example.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that manage transactions in a distributed fashion. Instead of paper money, you possess digital coins that you can spend directly on anything you wish without having to rely on a central authority. You are your own manager meaning that you have full control over your currency and all your transactions take place on the cryptocurrency network.

In the case of Cryptocurrencies, you are required to store your coins in a digital wallet instead of physical banks. This means that all your transactions are done through your private digital wallet that is protected with a secure key.

How does it work?

Cryptocurrencies are applications that are based on the blockchain technology. Blocks are created by solving complex cryptographic problems on the computers. When various blocks are linked to one another a blockchain is created. It’s a miner’s job to solve these complex mathematic equations to create blocks and ensure the validations of the transactions that take place on the cryptocurrency network. Buy the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware here.

A miner can examine the blockchain to find out if a person has enough coins to make the transactions. Some people think that the fact that a person’s balance is visible to all is a huge privacy concern but it can be argued because your digital account isn’t linked to your physical identity and you can have multiple digital wallets to stay anonyms.