Who is Innosilicon?

Innosilicon is dealing in both hardware and software services with an aim to develop top quality chip solutions that exceed market needs.  They are a data-driven company that believes in delivering the best to their customers and take efficiently calculated risks. They are making their best efforts in making history with their best innovations. Innosilicon has a remarkable profile with millions of satisfied customers all around the globe
Innosilicon is there in the market for more than a decade and operates in 10 different locations including mainland China and Silicon Valley too.

Innosilicon is a one-stop-shop for high-speed mixed-signal IPs and ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) customization serving globally and specifically has a sheer market share in the Asia Pacific. Innosilicon has enabled SoC’s to scale to mass production in various sizes. It has worked closely with AMD, Microsoft, Microchip, and more in refining their products and services, with their technical experience that is more than a decade.
People at Innosilicon are devoted to providing the world’s most advanced IP and ASIC technologies and have achieved great results with their tireless efforts and hard work. These past years have been really fruitful to the technologies innosilicon s working in, as they introduce mass production of GDDR6 interface, HDMI v2.1 IP support to 4K/8K, INNOLINK Chipset that allows the process of low latency data over multiple chips, and much more.
Innosilicon has shown remarkable innovative developments in the areas of, high-performance computing, high bandwidth memory, encrypted computing, and artificial computing, cloud computing, and low power IoT (internet of things).


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